what we do.

How We Work

Put more simply…

What are you trying to achieve or fix? (Objectives) → Where are you now? (Analysis) → Where do you want to be? (Target Setting) → How will you bridge the gap? (Tactics/Execution) → How will you measure success? (Results Assessment)

How can we help YOU succeed?

  • CEO/Board/Senior Management communications counsel and coaching
  • Corporate positioning and core message development
  • Crisis communications
  • M&A, integration communications and change management
  • International Media Relations
  • Employee communications & engagement
  • CSR & strategic philanthropy
  • Media & Presentation training
  • Targeted stakeholder campaigns
    employees, clients, investors
  • Issues tracking
  • Organizational advice and Communications staff development
  • Communications audits
  • Writing assignments
    - annual reports, speechwriting, opinion pieces